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  • Jobmatic (Administrator) - Intro & Rules

    Hey you!

    I'm the administrator of job site and its various microsites such as career network site (this site), etc. I go by the pseudonym "Jobmatic".

    We take pride in doing what makes us happy and gives us immense satisfaction - offering a very high quality service. Job Seekers do not have a lot of time on their hands and our service facilitates them to focus on doing what they are up to - searching, applying for jobs and landing a job.

    Just a few hints and rules for all members:
    • We have zero tolerance for spam and abuse.
    • We have multiple moderators continuously monitoring our sites round-the-clock to offer a clean, business environment and control spam.
    • We markup all links with REL="NOFOLLOW", search engines will NOT follow/crawl your links or index your pages and spammers won't get any link juice.
    • We do NOT facilitate signatures to include spam links for SEO building.
    • Just don't waste your time trying to post spam/solicitations on Jobmatic because they will be deleted and you will be banned, anyway.
    • Be nice, professional and respectful towards others. Everyone has their own preferences and likes. If you like iPhone - just buy it; if you like Galaxy - just buy it; but no flame wars over which one is better.
    • Search the site for the topics before you post a question. Chances are - it might have already been answered and you could save your time.
    • More later...
    INTRO: Please make it a point to post a message introducing yourself to all the members in this "Introductions" forum and see for yourself how much difference it makes among the community.


    Work richly!™

    PS: Remember our Job Board and Career Network sites are not integrated - they are two different applications and need separate login and logout. The menu bar on the top is highlighted in green while on our job board ( and orange while on our career network ( for a visual cue. Also, the URL of the site is rendered at the bottom of each page.

    Do peruse our Terms of Use, FAQ, Privacy Policy, Legal Info, etc.
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